HPSC [HCS-2009]

This page is dedicated to Haryana Public Service Commission [HPSC]. As HPSC does not have its own website while whole world is stressing upon “e-governance”. In this Page you will find almost everything happing at HPSC [Oops at last HPSC  got a website so u can catch them @ hpsc.gov.in]

HPSC [Merit Principle or Patronage system]

I would like to mention some interesting stories of HPSC. Let me tell you the reality of  [HPSC] Haryana public service commission.

This incident happened in HCS-2002 Exam-

Shalender Singh Birla, who secured 565 marks out of 600 in the written examination of HCS-2002 exam but was given only 17 marks out of 100 in the interview by the commission.

One another Scheduled Caste candidate, Ranjit Kaur, who got 90 marks in the interview despite having scored 493 marks in the written exam

Birla, the candidate was so intelligent that he had qualified for admission to all six IIMs, which is a rare distinction, yet the HPSC did not consider him intelligent enough to be selected in the HCS and he was given only 17 marks in the interview as against Ranjit Kaur, who was given 90 marks in the interview. Birla was pushed to the much junior post of assistant excise and taxation officer (AETO), which he did not join as a protest against the unfair selection.

List of few candidates joined In HCS-2002 exam:-

  • Sarita Malik, daughter of then director-general of police M.S. Malik
  • Surender Kumar, a close relative of Chautala [C.M]
  • Jagdeep, a close relative of then chairman of the commission K.C. Bangar[Suspended by current Governor]
  • Kuldhir Singh, son of Sher Singh Badsami, political adviser to then Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala.

Later when HC asked for answer sheets of these candidates, In Hindi paper, though Kuldhir spelt the word “Hindi” as “Hindhi”

In the history paper, although he attempted four questions, he was given awards for five questions.

in the case of Jagdeep, a close relative of then chairman of the commission K.C. Bangar, awards were given for five questions, though he had attempted only four questions in the geography paper and some of the answers were written afterwards, may be outside the examination hall.

The discrepancies were observed in the geography, criminal law and Hindi papers, where the difference in handwriting and tampering with marks was clear.

Today after passing eight years of this incident case is still pending in court and all these candidates serving Haryana Govt. proudly.

After a gap of 5 years HPSC organized HCS-2009 exam under aegis of new chairman [Mr. Batra who later replaced by Mr. R D Sheokand] but HPSC failed to meet standard of Transparency and Accountability. Commission charged a fee of Rs. 1000/candidate when UPSC charged Rs. 20/candidate for same. Commission didn’t allow candidates to take away question papers neither in Prelims nor in Mains. May I ask why..??? Once again when final result of HCS-2009 was declared by HPSC on 4th Jan 2011, History repeated itself and most influential candidates (Close relatives of Board Members, Political Leaders and Bureaucrats) sailed through. INLD (Main Opposition Political Party) came with an advance list of 15 names on 21st December 2010 who would get selected and socking reality is that 10 names out of them are in the list of successful candidates

List of some favoured candidates in HCS-2009 Exam:-

**This time written carried 600 marks and interview carried 75 marks

  • Anu Sheokand (Roll N0- 1247), daughter of HPSC’s Chairperson R D Sheokand (completed his term on 5th Jan 2011) got selected in HCS (Ex. Br.) with a total score of 469 (411 in written + 58 in interview)
  • Pradeep Kumar (Roll No- 2394), close relative of Congress MLA Karan Singh Dalal got selected in HCS (Ex. Br.) with a total score of 497 (433 in written + 64 in interview)
  • Shalini Chetal (Roll No- 3126), close relative of Congress MLA Naveen Jindal got selected in HCS (Ex. Br.) with a total score of 457 (392 in written + 65 in interview)
  • Vivek Kalia (Roll No- 3698), son of Ambala Division’s Commissioner Mahindra Kalia got selected in HCS (Ex. Br.) with a total score of 426 (366 in written + 60 in interview) in SC category
  • Sandeep Dahiya (Roll No- 2931), nephew of Asha Hooda (wife of current CM) got selected as ETO with a total score of 431 (371 in written + 60 in interview)
  • Vijender Hooda (Roll N0- 3553), close relative of Congress MLA Krishan Hooda got selected as ETO with a total score of 453 (394 in written + 59 in interview)
  • Pradeep Yadav (Roll No- 2497), son of Jind’s DC Abhay Singh Yadav got selected as ETO with a total score of 441.2 (379 in written + 62.2 in interview)
  • Vikas Sharma (Roll No- 3575), nephew of HPSC’s member P Sharma got selected as AETO with a total score of 425 (359 in written + 66 in interview)
  • Shefali Verma (Roll No- 3118), daughter of HSSC’s secretary P D Verma got selected as AETO with a total score of 404 (344 in written + 60 in interview)
  • Satish (Roll No- 3058), close relative of Congress MLA Karan Singh Dalal got selected as AETO with a total score of 416 (376 in written + 40 in interview)

Apart from above mentioned candidates several other candidates who are close to either Politicians or Bureaucrats made it in list of successful candidates. They all are supposed to join on 18th Jan 2011. Many deserving candidates, who did very well in the written test, were intentionally given low marks in the interview either to push their rank low or kick them out. For instance candidate with Roll No-1184 has secured 411 marks in the written test but only 18 in the interview. Similarly, a candidate bearing Roll No- 2069 secured 409 marks in the written test but only 11 in the interview. There is very high variation in marks awarded in interview from minimum 10 to maximum 66. It will be not wrong we say that HCS stands for “Hidden Civil Services”

Good news is that more posts of HCS are coming in next month but I am sure that same will happen again until we will not get united. We Indians are born lazy. We study like hell, work like donkeys and then in the end we become victims of corruption, nepotism and favoritism. In the last we say what we can do now-? Nothing gonna change because system is like that only. I want to ask who created this bloody system. We the mango people give them power to play with us. Imagine what we can do…. if we UNITE together…! But problem is that today’s youth do not wanna fight. They have accepted it as their destiny. In front of curtain our leaders are talking about crushing corruption and infusing transparency in the system but behind curtain they are flourishing corruption, nepotism and favoritism. Unsound recruitment policy is the root cause of all other social problems like Dowry, Corruption, Unemployment, Poverty and Violent Protests like Naxalism. Suppose a person who is getting in system (Elite Services) by paying a handsome amount of bribe says 50 lacs. How we can expect him to be honest in his public dealings and why he did’t ask for a lucrative dowry as he has to re-earn the amount he has paid to get in by Tit or Tat

Don’t you guys think that we deserve a fair treatment with better accountability from Haryana Govt-? Kya Yaar Shame on us. I think we all are responsible for current system and nothing gonna change until youth of this country remain a mute spectator. Please come forward young guns of India. Save this country and our state. Ensure the fairness and transparency of exam. HPSC keep playing with aspirants since last one decade..!!!!! Its time to make a change guys…!!!! Till when we will keep dancing on the tune of politics-? I think things will never get change until we stop acting like a puppet with our strings in hands of few chameleons. Let’s do something for upcoming Aspirants. What we need at this point of time is UNITY and some ACTION PLAN to get rid of this exploitation because

Hum ubalte hain to bhuchaal ubal jate hain

Hum machalte hain to tufaan machal jate hain..!!!

Hume badalne ki kaushish karni hai ae dosto

Kyonki, Hum badalte hain to “ITIHAAS” badal jate hain..!!!

Hope you will find information valuable in claiming ever increasing accountability and transparency in Indian bureaucracy. If you guys have some plans to change this system and to avoid coming pain please let me know…!!!!!

Jai Hind

Young Blood

HPSC and State Politics

On 23rd September 2009 Congress released 1st list of 68 out of 90 candidates for the upcoming Haryana Assembly elections on 13th October. I was shocked to see that HPSC Chairman Mr. Bharat Bhushan Batra managed to get ticket form Rohtak constituency on recommendation of current C.M. Mr. Hooda. He resigned from the apex post of HPSC just 3 hours before the announcement of list. Earlier he was appointed as chairman of HPSC on 11th August 2008 after suspension of all former members including Chairman K.C. Banger [due to allegations of HCS-2002 recruitment scam during Chautala regime]. The resignation of Mr. Batra came when HPSC is going through the recruitment process of HCS-2009 exam after a long span of seven years. What to say about merit principle-?






56 responses to “HPSC [HCS-2009]

  1. Shikha

    it’s true…..i want to know abt mains result also that is about to come……

  2. Hi Shikha

    You are welcome on the Blog.
    Result of HCS-Mains is expected to come till end of November.

    I hope that HCS-2009 will not become a victim of political conspiracy as happened earlier

    As soon as result will be out you can find the same on this site..!!!

    All the Best

  3. Shikha

    Did you heard something like that HPSC is coming with more HCS posts in coming days..???

  4. Shikha

    ya………new posts r cmng in dec acc 2 my knowledge

  5. Thanx for the information Shikha

    Plz keep visiting and update us in case we missed out anything regarding HCS Exam

  6. Dipti Malik

    Hey….what do u mean by more posts r coming in dec??? does that mean ke these new posts will b considered for the 2009 HCS exam or these will b for HCS 2010????? I know ke abhi tak to 2009 ke mains ka result bhi nahin aaya hai n then interview bhi hoga bt just wondering about more posts !!!! Actually i too want to appear for HCS exam bt cudnt for 2009…. 😦 …. so socha ke might b agle saal bhi ye exam ho jaaye….. 😉 🙂 🙂

    • Namaskar Malik Sahab

      Welcome on the site 😉

      If HPSC will notify any post in upcoming days. There would be a separate i.e. fresh exam for recruitment or you can say HCS-2010

      Result of HCS-2009 is expected to come very soon 🙂

      Aapne jo bhi socha kafi acha socha. Stay optimistic for HCS-2010


  7. Dipti Malik

    Namshkar Dhankar Saheb….. 🙂 ……well thanks for the information n one more thing r u also an aspirant of CSE ???

    • Hey Dipti

      No need to say Thanx..! I think this is my duty as a good human being to help others and serve humanity…!!!!!!!

      YES, I am a CSE Aspirant :-(. In fact you can say i am crazy for administration services.

      I dropped my x-portfolio of Assistant Manager [Group-A] in a central PSU against wish of everyone around me just to being a part of 🙂 😉 administrative services rather than technical services

      Anything else malik saheb…???? 😀

      Keep visiting and do’t forget to drop a line

      • Dipti Malik

        hey……. i think u made a very bold decision by leaving ur job n be optimistic….aapne jo bhi socha kaafi achha socha hai… 🙂 …..n dont worry sab badhiya hi hoga….. n hey u r not alone in taking this bold decision am also leaving my job….. 🙂 …….hey dhankar whats ur name yaar?????……hey can v chat?????….. my mail id- diptimalik849@gmail.com ……waiting for ur reply….

        • Hi Dipti

          Thanx for motivating me…!!!!

          If you have made ur mind to drop then Its O. K. [No Prob]

          Otherwise i would advise you to consider every small thing under the sky which can affect your life in future

          Sure we can chat 🙂

          I have invited you on gmail [Catch you soon]


      • Indian Citizen

        Dear All,

        IAS/IPS/HCS/RAS Coaching now in Gurgaon with some of the very experienced faculties

        They also have with them some recently selected IAS candidates to give their students the required orientation and motivational sessions

        Good for all of us!!!!!!!!!!

        Even i have heard that HCS notification will come out very soon…..but the picture is not that clear yet

        Together we can and together we will

        Best of luck for all those appearing in IAS prelims 2011

        Aapne sahi kaha sir, unity is very much required but for doing so we all need to realise it first and not every1 is ready or interested to realise it

        Be in touch, sooner we wil come up with some good plans

        If you are looking out for the details of this institute, please let me know

        Thanks and regards

  8. Sumit

    Hello friends ,

    I was thinking of an idea that who so ever comments on this blog can also give a brief info about their choice of optional subjects, (if they have planned or which subjects are they planning to take)

    they can also help others by providing info abt some gud site or material they might have come across during there preparation..

    In Short “Help everyone around you, God will help you” 🙂

    Waiting to hear a word from the readers soon 🙂


  9. Shikha

    hi……….my subjects r physics n sociology….

    i hv appeared in hcs (mains) dis time wid these subjects……

    • Sumit

      Hi Shikha,

      thank u for accepting the suggestion .

      So how did ur exam go?

      I am also from a science (engg.) background , so even i was interested in taking the science subjects but few of my frnds and seniors suggest its very heavy to take such subjects .. so if u dont mind i would like to have a word with u … can we chat some time .. it will be really helpful to me .


  10. Bhanu

    Hi Shikha,

    i am a CSE aspirant , nd i hav the same subjects as u hav opted for hcs (mains)…..physics nd sociology…so i need ur help if u can …

    i hav downloaded lotzzzz of books related to physics from net nd looking for some more …if u know various important sites frm where i can download some extraordinary books or notes …then plz help me !!

    thnx !!

  11. Shikha


    Though science subjects r not much popular 4 civil services….but a no. of persons survived wid dez subjects…..

    It all depends upon ur edu. background……in pcs science subjects work well……..

    Plzzzz tell me ur subjects n edu. background so dat i cn give u a sound advice…….

    • Sumit


      About my subjects, i have not finalized yet as i have told you i m still at receiving guidance and suggestions stage .

      My background is B.tech + M.tech in Electrical Engg from IIT-B

      But some seniors suggest not to go with science irrespective of the fact even if u have done masters in it . So as u have taken physics n cleared prelims . I will like to hear from u too .. what is ur background n how was ur exp going through physics and wat do you expect from the mains result..??

      And i also need some guidance on sociology so i repeat if its not much of a problem to you can u get some time to chat .. it will be really helpful .. as it takes days to get an answer here .. (No pun on the blog please … its an awesome initiative and not to forget its this place only where i get to interact with so many people … hope u all understand what i exactly mean)


  12. Shikha


    Can anyone tell me how much to cover in current affairs section….???

    And 4 prelims on which section of gs one should focus more…???

    • Hi Shikha

      Nice to see your comment after a long span

      You have 2 cover all major activities happened since January-2009

      For Prelims concentrate more on Current Affairs section as number of questions asked from this section are increasing gradually year by year

      Mam wo jo HCS ki post nikalne wali thi December mein, unka kya raha..??

      Is there any hope in coming future..??

  13. Shikha


    I don’t know wot happened to those post………

    Moreover i came to know dat result of mains exam is delaying as HPSC didn’t provided any reservation to physically handicapped candidates n dey hv now moved to court………..

    I failed to understand that how a body like HPSC can commit such silly mistakes……..

  14. Sonu

    Hello Dosto, HCS results might be declared around 10th April

  15. Plz tell me when the HCS main result will come..??

    • Recently on 30th March 2010, HPSC revised scheme of reservation for PH candidates in HCS-2009 exam after verdict of Haryana & Punjab HC

      They invited re-application for same

      Written test is scheduled to hold on 17/5/2010

      So there is no hope of result before that

      Wait & Watch IF recruitment Process can get complete

  16. Anybody having any idea about HCS mains result.. It was expected in April first or second week…

  17. Any idea of HCS Mains result….

  18. HCS result will be declared around 10 May

  19. Sandeep Suhag


    Is this HCS exam has any routine like CSE. Or its on Govt. discretion to announce this exam whenever govt feel like..???


  20. When will HCS Mains Result get declared..??

    Previously it was expected in second week of may..!!!!

  21. From now on result may come today till evening

    May be tomorrow or any other coming day

  22. Sandeeep Narwal

    Hi am from commerce background . and i want to Know about the choice of subject for HCS exam. Please send it on my email account

  23. Gurprit

    You are requested to send the E-MAIL ID’s and PHONE NOS of the MEMBERS of Haryana Public Service Commission. Gurprit

  24. Yogesh

    Could some please confirm if Management as a subject is an option for HPSC or not. As far as I could gather from the prospectus I bought for 2009 its not but need a confirmation

  25. Yogesh

    Thanx 4 the prompt reply. However why is it then not mentioned in the prospectus which I bought last year…??


    This is to inform all of you that Punjab & Haryana High Court has appointed an EX-Judge A P Shah of Delhi High Court to probe into HCS Recruitment Scam 2002. The commission has been instructed to table the Report by April 30, 2011
    Hope to get justice at last

  27. J P Singh

    Dear Sir,
    Is there any possibility to get the correspondence details of the candidates who had qualified the written exam of HCS 2002..?????
    Awaiting the reply at earliest if possible

  28. Raj


    Can any one please provide me information about optional in HPSC and HCS

    Is there 2 optional or 3 optional in HCS..??

  29. Rajeev

    Shockingly the HCS 2009 Exam has large discrepancies. Many National newspapers have published articles exposing the corruption, nepotism and favoritism in the result. Following links are worth to click



  30. Rajeev

    1. Out of the selected candidates, 4 are relatives of the HPSC Interview Board who didn’t recuse themselves while taking the interviews of their relatives.
    2. The INLD (Chief Opposition Party) had released a list of 15 candidates who would be selected. Shockingly, 10 out of these 15 were selected. Out of these 10 candidates 4 of them were relatives of the members (including the daughter of the Chairperson) of the HPSC and 6 were relatives of Congress Leaders (2 of them were relatives of Karan Singh Dalal (Congress MLA).
    3. Mass irregularities have been seen in the interview with Candidates getting high marks in Mains Exam received 20 or less marks (less than 25%) in interview.
    4. The whole process of the examination took nearly 2 years.

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