IAS-2010 and Motivation-

Hi Guys

As we know that Notification 4 IAS-2010 [Prelims] is out and all aspirants must be busy in sharpening their weapons. I would like to share with you that sometimes during my preparations, I feel very low, negative and completely exhaust under stress. Do you feel low sometimes during IAS-preparation..??

Don’t forget that during CS preparation, there will be phases when the candidate feels psychologically low. Just remember that it is quite natural and happens to everyone. The important thing is to stay cool during that period


This exam makes the candidate undergo a very stressful condition for a long period. After all it’s a competitive age. Every one has to compete for his/her existence be it in a school, college, university, exam, society or job etc. This is all due to Pressure to perform on us and pressure is not delightful for anyone. In fact very less number of people have the capability to bear it. Without any moral support at least, people can easily surrender before this horrendous fiend- ‘pressure’.

To sustain the momentum in studies, it is very important to learn how to manage stress and negative energy around you-? I read following lines to cater pessimism around me-


-By Gladiator

I request all of my readers/aspirants to share their ways of managing stress and how they keep their morale high throughout this journey..??


Write us ur favorite way to combat stress during this exam….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every single word will be published with full credit. Lets work like a team

Hope we will get an active response to this post

Thanks 4 ur precious time



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11 responses to “IAS-2010 and Motivation-

  1. Devaraj

    Hi friend
    could u please put the english version of that quote?

    try this


  2. Hi Dev

    Nice Video Friend…!!!!!!!

    English Version-

    To run away from obstacles is always easy
    Life’s every moment is like an exam…!!!!
    Those who afraid to fail get nothing out of it
    and Those who fight conquered the whole world

    Thanx again 4 the link

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  4. Sonia

    The best to manage stress is to free yourself from the fear of getting desired result ……….

    As results are bound to come when you have done your part..since IAS is very time taking exam so better is fixed your target per day and try to achieve them one by one and end would be you will be IAS ……..

    So “karam kar faal ki ichaa mat kar”
    and “boondh boondh sagar banta hai”

  5. I am really surprised to get such a lazy response to this seminal issue 😦

    Either managing stress is not important in this exam or aspirants are not willing to share their “Mantra”


    I would be thankful to you if someone can throw light on “Sudarshan Kriya” taught by Art of Living Foundation…!!!!!

    I want to know How i can learn it and is it really so dynamic…????

    Plz tell me something about “Pranayam” or any other simple technique that i can practice at home to assuage my ignited mind

    Please share ASAP [Need some Peace]

    • Brahma

      Art of living organization teaches this powerful technique to calm your mind
      Inquire for centers in your city that teach this course

  6. Sumit

    First of all i am sry for the late reply i read the article 2 days ago … but i wanted to reply with peace … 🙂

    i think the reason for such a low comments is that ur post was so inspirational that who all would have read … speed of their blood would have doubled and they might have gone back to studying

    presently i have not started preparing so dont have any particular thing to relax my mind … still i think following words may inspire some 🙂

    Zindagi ki asli udaan abhi baaki hai,
    Zindagi ke kai imtihann abhi baaki hai.
    Abhi to napi hai muthi bhar zameen hi humne,
    Aage abhi saara aasman baaki hai.

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    congrates to you for your classical work.

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