UPSC 2010 New Pattern – “Rumors or Truth”

What’s in the air-?

That Union Public Service Commission is going to change the whole examination process. The Preliminary examination will be replaced by an Aptitude Test. There will not be any optional papers in PT. In Main Examination there will be exclusion of subjects which are not relevant to Civil Service.


The current pattern of CSE conducted by UPSC is based upon the recommendations of Kothari Committee appointed by UPSC in 1976. The recruitment policy and selection procedure in Indian Civil Services suggested by Kothari Committee is still in vogue with slight modifications like introduction of negative marking in PT, inclusion of essay writing into Mains and number of optional subjects offered by UPSC [on the recommendations of Satish Chandra Committee appointed in 1988]. During last one decade current pattern of recruitment has been criticized widely on the grounds of irrelevancy and inadequacy. To rectify the loopholes into recruitment pattern UPSC appointed several committees. All these committees and commissions have recommended reform in the current pattern. Brief summary of recommendations given by these committees is as follows-

  • Y.K. Alagh committee appointed in 2001 recommended elimination of optional subjects and suggested introduction of Mathematical Aptitude along with Psychological test
  • P.C. Hota committee appointed in 2004 suggested the overall changes into the examination pattern and also in eligibility criteria especially the Age (Lowering the age limit)
  • 2nd Administrative Reform Commission appointed by GOI in 2005 under Mr. Veerappa Moily also recommended introduction of Aptitude test based examination and lowering the age limit as well as number of attempts

Why issue gained momentum recently-?

On 12th November 2009, during inauguration of UPSC lecture series on governance, in New Delhi current chairman of UPSC Professor D P Agrawal said that a Civil Service Aptitude Test will replace the existing Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination. The proposal is to have two objective type papers that are common to all candidates. The emphasis is on testing the aptitude of the candidate for the demanding life in the civil service, as well as on ethical and moral dimensions of decision-making. Very soon this comment of UPSC chairman started to make rounds in IAS Aspirants community. This issue got momentum after delay in notification of CSE-2010 examination from UPSC. Notification for CSE-2010 was expected to come in 1st week of December but aspirants are still waiting for it.

Will it get implemented this year-?

It depends on Indian government. The final decision will be taken by the Union Government. I think UPSC want to implement it from 2010 itself and waiting for a green signal from government. It can be a reason for delay into notification. Let’s see how much UPSC can wait and delay notification-?

What will be the new pattern if implemented-?

In case of change, PT will be based on Aptitude Test and optional paper will not be there in Preliminary examination.

What is an Aptitude Test-?

A test designed to assess the ability of the candidate including mental alertness, power of assimilation, clear and logical expression, balanced judgment, ability to lead coordinate and guide etc comes under umbrella of aptitude test.

Aptitude Test will include-

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Data Interpretation & Sufficiency
  • Verbal and non verbal reasoning
  • Verbal ability
  • Reading ability
  • Comprehension
  • Awareness of science, current affairs
  • Awareness of Administration

Hey Guys are you ready for the Surprise-?



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51 responses to “UPSC 2010 New Pattern – “Rumors or Truth”

  1. I don’t think it will happen. The matter (question) was raised in the parliament and the govt. did not reply to it (“under consideration”). One can also interpret it, however, that the changes may happen.

  2. Niharika

    I think aptitude test should not be implemented . i am favor in preliminary test of upsc bcoz it’s right pattern

  3. Mridul Baruah

    How can the upsc prove that replacing the prelims by an aptitude test that simply tests quantitative apt, reasoning, eng will bring in good administrators?

    I don’t think so…. All this policy are being made keeping in view the IIM’s and IIT’s in mind.

    UPSC has no concern for aspirants who come from general degree colleges……..

    What will happen to students who come from humanities background? UPSC seems to have no answer……

    • Rahul Arya

      On humanities background….
      India today needs a all rounder as I.A.S….not only a humanist so this apti. might just help in searching right ones for the job

  4. Hussain

    The pattern of ias examination which is being running on is one of the best pattern that ever made from my perception we should not alter it. As it cover all the aspects of one’s personality.

  5. Rajesh

    It will be great if both prelims & Mains , will have a common papers for all the candidates…

    There should not be any optional at all.

    Revised syllabus should be balance of Arts , Science, Commerce and Engineering……..

    This will end the era of incapable , Third rated , Arts & Hindi & language literature fellows grabbing prestigious civil services. the fellows who are just eligible to be a clerks are becoming civil servants…very shame…!!!!!!

    • Rishika

      Just shut up!!what did u think of urself if ur from a science background then opt for any other service..why ur dying for this. Arts and Hindi is the base for UPSE..i think u deserves to be a clerk.

  6. Vidya

    No need to change d pattern..its one of d best in be a civil servant u must hv knowledge of all..

    UPSC is not an iit jee or pmt..

  7. Ekansh

    Changing the course of selection pattern drastically, will itself raise doubts about the hitherto selection process UPSC is following.

    Moreover, CSE with revised pattern will implicitly raise chances for students with a mathematical background to excel in this exam, and will be absolutely unfair to students who are biologically better adapted to other subjects than maths.

  8. Smriti

    The pattern should change.

    The current administrative scenario needs people with good aptitude, attitude and decision making capacity. These should be included in Prelims.

    Optionals and General Studies can be kept for mains.

    Does anyone here know about the expected notification date?

  9. Dr.Sunil Kumar

    Just prepare as per previous syllabus…………….?
    I do not know that why upsc is changing this syllabus which already has polity,current events,mental ability,history,geography,general science,INDIA 2009,economics, these all are needed to be known by an IAS aspirants or a person preparing for civil service exam

  10. Dr.Sunil Kumar

    Thanks Sir

  11. Dr.Sunil Kumar

    Many are now in lurch and waiting for notification and this notification is going to make and mar of so many hard working aspirants

  12. VINEET


  13. Rakshit Sharma

    Why do they need to fiddle with the present system.???

    Indian politicians are good at making changes for no use and that too at the wrong time. plz…stick to it…

    Its gonna kill the career of lakhs preparing for this exam and those who come with arts degrees

    wake up upsc!!!!!!

  14. Snehit

    This is a very good thing that now UPSC is coming with some good changes

    These people must be very smart and sharp minded

    This aptitude will really make the picture very clear about the whole personality of an aspirant in the very first stage of this exam…

  15. Anurag

    The pattern has changed.The prelims has been replaced (Times of India)

  16. Saurav

    In my opinion, the number of optionals for mains examination should be reduced to one

    The duration of exams should be reduced as its a tedious task for a graduate to wait for 1 complete year to complete a exams

    The whole examination duration should be completed within 4-5 months including Interview & final results

  17. Kabir

    Plz won’t change the Pattern of CSP..Present Pattern is the Best One in India..

  18. Hi..

    There is much discussion going on about pros and cos of the Newly Introduced CSAT.

    First of all let me clear that Its not a Corporate or NGOs who are recruiting…Its a Government of India who is recruiting here.

    What are the problems in Current Examination System that will be solved to great extent by this CSAT.

    This test will definately will not favour either engineers or doctors or management professionals or any Graduate from particular field.

    This Test will favour to Real Talent of the country. And those who are willing to Serve Nation at their best. Thats what stressed by president of India on ocassion of UPSC foundation Day.
    Moral And Ethical Values… Do you have it ?
    Do you favour poor of this country ?

    Do you Favour Secularism ?

    Do you Favour equality in all prospects ?

    Are you willing to come into system and solve problems like naxalism and corruption ?

    Are you willing to Work efficiently and Do good for Nations Farmers and Landless Labour ?

    Are you willing to contribute to Welfare of Nation in International Arena ?

    Are you willing to Change lives of Crores of People in this country ?

    If your answer to all this questions is “Yes” then you are having better Moral and Ethical Values and Principals for Indian Administrative System.

    CSAT will favour those who has real talent and not Bookish Cramping Experts having following Dates of Historical events, and Cramping the Facts of their optional subjects.

    It will only check how efficient are you in doing Administration in the country having 38% population below poverty line.

    The main thing which has to be thought is that Why government needed to change this system ?

    This is obviously because Government of India think existing Civil Servants are not contributing towards National Interest as expected by them.

  19. Aparna

    Hey !!…

    Well i just wanna dis yr 2010 pattern is same about 2011 ….??

    Do u have any news regarding the coming year examination…

    Plz do inform ppl like us….who are new to dis field…Thanx

  20. Anand

    Hi Sir, should students have to study new pattern or old for 2011 exam..???

  21. Old pattern is d best as new one will hurt lakhs of art students who change der stream from science in 12th to humanities in graduation keeping in mind the dream to become an IAS officer

  22. Hey Guys

    It may be tough for any background but not impossible, i think our new generation can tackle any situation………we will try to get adjusted

    All the Best..

  23. Ashok

    Hi Sir,

    I am Ashok Kumar, working in an MNC as a software engineer. My DOB is 30/03/1983. I completed (Electrical) from IIT Kharagpur in 2008. I am planning to appear for CSE-2011. I read a few articles about new pattern change (CSAT), age limit and number of attempts. If new pattern will come into effect from 2011, I may not be eligible (by that time I will be 28 years old) .If it is old criteria for age limit, I would have two attempts. Can you advise me, shall I start preparation for CSE 2011. Is UPSC announced anything about the new pattern officially. Please suggest me what should I do? I have been preparing fundamental subjects like public administration, economics and history from last year. I would be great full to you if you suggest me

    Thanks a ton in anticipation

  24. Rajeev

    Hi. it would be wrong decision, if the pattern implemented without keeping the welfare of old students, regarding his age n previous preparation

  25. Tushar

    I have some questions
    1.will the corruption stop-?
    2.why we should not help the government to stop corruption-?
    3.why should we not wake up the people against the corruption or it is only in the movies that we r fighting against corruption-?
    4.why should we only blame the government about the working of administration-?

    it is essential to know all this thing its very important for us
    to all my friend i only say that first u become a human than administrator
    first u do all thing then tell the people to do

  26. Hello Sir,

    I m a 2nd year dental student

    I want to be a IAS officer

    Please guide me with some basic tips to start with…

    I ll be highly thankful

  27. Suraj Polur

    Hey!! this will be unfair. Many aspirants from the Arts & Management streams will stand nowhere..Being quick at stupid maths is not everything. Please UPSC dont do this..U’ll hurt lakhs of hopes..

    • renn

      Well, math ain’t stupid for gods sake…
      and upsc is not here to select you…
      upsc should select the best candidates, if u don’t have certain set of skills, it is your problem. the changes are inevitable as the relevance of a data cramming based exam is questionable at best. reasoning-both verbal and mathematical, administrative aptitude, moral aptitude etc are going to be tested, and my dear friend, as an administrative head, these form an inevitable part of your skill set. Better develop these than complain…

  28. Amit

    Badllv ko sweekaar karna padega cha he jo ho jeet to hogi

  29. Varun

    Aptitude kind of test could definitely search the real talent. i think it is bit difficult for Non-Science students. There are very good books available which could make our way easy..

  30. Tarun

    Anybody Pls lets me know the revised age limit structure for IAS 2011

  31. I don’t know which is the best form of examination but i sure do know that no matter what happens one has to accept the change sooner or later,rather than the gov focusing on how to test the true brains of an individual ,it should focus on how to remove the quota systems and reservations in the civil service exams .b.o.luck


    what ever bbe the change or decision ,it must have to be made soon. because ,i wonna prepare for it in a well focussed manner. so let the decision may come soon

  33. Aakash

    Dear All
    From the all above comments and discussions I am little bit in confusion that whether this new pattern is enforced or yet to be enforced. I am still not eligible to appear in the IAS, I am still some 3.5 years short of appearing in the IAS yet I aim from past 3 years that I want myself to be a part of the elite group of individuals who aim at serving and raising the country at the top most level by the selfless service provided by them.
    Sir/Madam, kindly answer my one liner: Is the new pattern is enforced or yet to be enforced.
    Yours Sincerely



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