UPSC favours Aptitude Test over Civil Service Prelim Exam

"UPSC is convinced of the need for important changes in the method of recruitment to the higher civil services that are the vehicle for public service delivery. One of the recommendations made by the Commission to the government is that a Civil Service Aptitude Test replace the existing Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination," UPSC Chairman, Professor D P Agrawal said.


The proposal is to have two objective type papers that are common to all candidates.

The emphasis is on testing the aptitude of the candidate for the demanding life in the civil service, as well as on ethical and moral dimensions of decision-making, he said.

"It has also been proposed that the structure of the Civil Services (Main) Examination may remain the same till a Committee of Experts, that may be appointed by the Commission, goes into various aspects," Agrawal said during the inauguration of UPSC lecture series on governance, in New Delhi.

The UPSC chairman said "Careers in public service have become more attractive in the context of a better emoluments regime, as also on account of the changes in the global economic scenario. This places a responsibility on the government system to tailor procedures and careers to suit the newer vistas."

The Commission is also of the view that while lowering the age of entry to the civil services may be desirable, interests of rural candidates who may complete their graduation later than their urban counterparts needs to be considered also, the UPSC chairman said.

"A reduction in the number of attempts allowed at the examination, as proposed by the 2nd Administrative Reform Commission (ARC), is however called for, so as to remove the premium on cramming and memorization that a large number of attempts provides," Agrawal informed.

"We have plans for introducing computer based applications for various examinations, and an ‘always on’ interactive voice response system over telephone so that interface between aspirants and the Commission is easy, efficient, and quick," he said.

UPSC receives more than a million applications for all of the 14 regular examinations and other recruitments it conducts every year.

It recommends for appointment of about 5,000 officers annually, after a rigorous process of screening, testing, and personal interview as necessary.

The series of lecture was inaugurated by President Pratibha Patil and attended by Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions Prithviraj Chavan among others.

What you say about it Guys…!!!! Is there any chance that Commission can  implement same in IAS-2010 Preliminary Examination…????

Arre Kuch to Bolo Bhai….. 



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70 responses to “UPSC favours Aptitude Test over Civil Service Prelim Exam

  1. Anvesh

    great news!!!
    aptitude tests are alwz considered as d best medium to get an ovrview abt a candidate….
    now dat upsc has finly decided to adopt dis, aspirants of CSE-2010 keep der fingrs crossed..

  2. This is not a new thing at all! I read this more than a year ago probably in the same speech last year!!!! If I recall correctly I had even asked about this in my RTI and they had said they had said they can’t reveal the details!

    Drastic Change and UPSC are like two sides of the river that will never meet! Or may be they meet once in 10-15 years!


    3 maths ke question solve karne se aptitude decide ho jata hai kya…………totally nonsence

  4. Kunal

    Hey Guys

    Just look at the line strike through in post.

    Does Mr. Agrawal want to say that increased emoluments after 6th Pay Commission places a responsibility on Govt or was it irresponsible before it..????

    Plz someone simplify the words trap 🙂

    If they will keep mains intact, What will be the advantage of changing prelims pattern..???

  5. Kunal

    What about the aptitude level of all serving administrative officers at present…?? 😦

  6. Kunal

    Arre yaar yeh Quiz password ka kya natak hai..???

    Please make them password free if u really wanna help to poor aspirants..!!!

    Free Quiz is the only good part of this blog and u have blocked the same

    This is not fair at all yaar

  7. Jyoti

    How they can do it instantly…???

  8. Jyoti


    Quiz part is indeed brilliant…..@Good job

    UPSC feeling

  9. Saurabh Arya


    it is little different this time…earlier govt used to push the reforms in civil service exams n upsc never paid heed to that….but now its the upsc which is coming out with proposals. now they learnt that the system has flaws….aah! my poor country, what upsc has sent in earlier years to serve it :(. well whatever they do, but aspirants would be given enough time to get themselves ready for new challenge. it should not be for this very attempt. hope mr. Aggarwal knew that preparation for an attempt starts months in advance not after notification.

    best wishes all friends.

  10. Kareens

    But they should give time atleast. In 2010 they shouldn’t implement it. will they..?? 😦

  11. IrAJ RAjA

    Nothing will happen for next 5 years atleast

  12. Debashish

    these type of rumors sprung up every year….nothing will happen

  13. DINESH

    Well the chairman told to media persons so..!

  14. VINOD @>>BHEL

    It is not simple to implement in a short period…it will take time…


    Its Easier to Say but Hard to Implement Even If they Implement it they should atleast give a time of about two years before its announcement and implementation.

  16. Rishi

    If they implement dis aptitude test……………..den in which probable year 2010 or 2011 or even after dat……???

  17. Compassion Leads

    Hello guys………..
    In ma point of view its juzz a proposal and hard to impliment in this stage …………

  18. SELViN-

    GUys sorry to say this//..
    I think the possibility of implementing the decisions this year is more than 80%
    i feel so…..
    Nvr think about past….
    present is the truth….continue preparing for Current aff…>…..

  19. Rishi

    Guys even if 2 apti test will introduce…….
    will dey eliminate the current affairs in dose test ???
    i mean wot wud b dere in aptitude test……?


    Am Sure it will not Implemented soon it will take time.

  21. Eldho Titus

    Hey guys why do you worry!!!! Even if it is implemented it will affect the whole not only you, it’s a competition na, then as usual the fittest will survive. To lead India towards greater heights a civil servant must be capable of managing any unexpected situation tactfully. 🙂

  22. Ekansh

    The whole charm of CSE is UPSC challenging you in what u feel you are best…

    I am not in favour of UPSC Chairman Dr. Agarwal’s proposal of using same criterion for judging every person with same yardstick.

    Mathematecians will rule the show….and those finding the subject hard will find themselves in back seat….

  23. Amit

    Hmm i hope mathematics will rule prelims.. …


    Hey.. guys.. u ppl ‘re talking with no proper analysis…first of all..Its not a normal aptitude test as wht ppl think ..It’s civil service aptitude test..not the ones which we do in college,CAT type… yes.. it ‘ll have mental ability as well..but not purely mathematics…And the main thing what u ppl ‘ve failed to appreciate is that fact that this new pattern ‘d eliminate optional bias probs..and make the exam a bit fair….

  25. Praneeth

    Yes this is not entirely matehmatics
    it consists of psycological tests ..and matehmatics ..

    but i think it will take some time to implement ..
    but no one can guess untill the notification comes ..

    we can predict that upsc is unpredictable… it really happend with mains this year

  26. J V Kmr

    @ All
    Why cant it come this time ? ? ? this is the proposal that was developed from the beginning ( i mean from may 2009 itself) ., which means the date after 2009 prelims!., it has more chances to come by this time.,



    I would like to see if UPSC wants to change The pattern For CSE then it should try to Implement the Second ARC Report Recommendations has well But I think It will Take Some More Time.

  28. Satish

    True ,

    This adds one more subject to the kit ..n that is apti …

    Optionals u hae to study for Mains however … So no less work ..

    So no real advantage n all … .. Its intresting to see what pattern of apti UPSC comes out

  29. Shyam

    As some are saying it will not be not helpfull for freshers also if upsc changes only preliminary exam….senior aspirants will be any way good at optionals as they are preparing for years…now i think time for preparation for freshers will not be sufficient and it will surely drag them to 2nd or 3rd attempt…because from the time of notification one starts preparing for preliminary aptitude and in the 4 months time (jun-oct) I think its not possible to cover 2 optionals and gs

  30. Vaishali

    wud the age be lowered too for general category,one thing whtevr it is arts people wud suffer

  31. ***PR@$H@NT****

    Wish this shouldn’t be implemented at least for other 4 years

  32. Sri

    Mains will also change

    This is really cause for concern.This is not fair for people who are sitting on optional for last 3 years.Neither we can afford money now for to join caoching for aptitude or have that much time.

    I think from 2011 the mains pattern will also change he mentioned that he will be appointing expert committee to look into mains also.

    So guys be ready for more suprises.

  33. Naveen

    What do u think about this comment of Mr. Agarwal ?
    is prelims can change-?

  34. Badrinathhh...

    HI gusy’s. These can’t b refered as reforms. They r highly technical personnels who lack practicality. Things like decision making, rationality what not all these r intangible.
    Pub admin students in coming dates wil have to read – why GOI not able to implement the admin reforms because they r highly technical. Just leave the microscopic minority engineering students. what’s the level of our computer usage among rural and as well as from arts students. ( Don’t have impression taht i am arts student. My self MTech IISC, Scientisct in GOI).
    All these reforoms only well suitable when u have a society with universal education system. On the otherhand our education system is very loop sided.
    Civil services is not like CAT or GRE where mostly our engg graduates prefer. Its a game of governance.

  35. @ Naveen & all Visitors

    Here is my opinion on the issue

    Guys..!!! Change is a slow and constant process. Long awaited changes in UPSC CSE will surely come one day in future.

    But real question is When and what kind of changes..???

    Personally i do’t think that UPSC can make any changes as early as in 2010 [slow process]

    I think Mr. Agrawal’s statement is an effort to create a foundational base/atmosphere for possible changes in future

    Such kind of statements are usually made to check reaction of 2nd party which is going to suffer or get relieve from the possible change

    This is the 1st step in whole process of change or administrative reforms and definitely there would be a forward leap also but not as early as in 2010 exam

    Aspirants appearing for 2010 exam are totally safe and pattern for prelims will remain intact. Same will get crystal clear in upcoming 20 days, when notification for IAS-2010 exam will come in 1st week of December 2009

    But Aspirants who are aiming at 2011-12 can face some surprises into the box

    As i said change is a slow process so all possible changes will come gradually with care like 1st introduction of Aptitude test into prelims, 2nd reducing number of attempts, 3rd Mains Pattern and ultimately reduction into age limit.

    Administration will take time of at least 4 years to execute last step which is subjected to the reactions sprung up due to earlier steps taken in same direction

    All the Best for IAS-2010 attempt

    I am really thankful to all of you for being regular visitors of this blog

    Keep visiting and do share ur opinion with us [We are nothing without you]


    • Abhi

      I do agree.

      They will definitely won’t implement it in full way for next few year…

      But I feel that there can be a chance that number of questions related to Aptitude in GS Pre… at the cost of factual questions of no serious relevance ….

  36. Congrats Dhankar, you are really popular now and this blog is getting a lot of visitors and comments! You learnt blogging rather fast! Congrats again.

    P.S.: you can enable nested reply here from settings>Discussion.

    You can try comment/post/pages ratings too.

  37. You can also show the archives page and categories widget like my blog.

  38. Credit to you only. I haven’t done anything at all! You did it on your own; I will be brutally frank!

  39. Kunal


    Can someone tell me the exact date of notification for IAS-2010..???

  40. Nitesh Ranjan

    Hi… i think it’ll hugely affect students coming from rural background and non-technical fields especially humanities…. actually upsc wants young aspirants to take this exam… that sounds well when we see a lot of govt. projects and reforms coming up in the changed economic order ……

  41. TigerIndia


    Lowering age will not only affect rural aspirants but middle class aspirants in general as well .Though I am a novice (just 22 turned), I will feel uncomfortable if age is lowered. As people from middle class need to have a secure career before they start full time preparation in order to minimize risks.

    I am a recent graduate, I wasn’t able to get coaching during college days (some reasons…),I am now working can afford coaching but I cannot prepare full time and need to keep my backup career before taking any risks.

    So even though I am either working or preparing 90% of the time I am awake….I feel that I cannot attempt confidently before 2011 (my engineering subject is not in optional list and both of the optionals I have to start from scratch on my own).

    Lowering age affects the middle/lower class in general not just people from rural background.

  42. Vishal Gupta

    They r considering for lowering the no of attempts. how can they do this instantly. if they have to implement this then it should be implemented after 5 years because some persons who is attempting 3rd time or have hope to get through this time. what will they do??

  43. Anand

    Hey Guys

    I think its going to be fair.

    Mains are heavily loaded in favour of humanities from past few years.

    Hardly anyone with math-physics combination is clearing 😦

    Aptitude test at prelims will set a balance and avoid undue advantage to subjects like geography,sociology etc.

    A civil servant also needs analytical and problem solving skills

  44. Mr. Aggarwal’s decision will facilitate good opportunity to the new aspirants but not likely will give justice to the old aspirants. May be some intermediate and acceptable solution will be finalised soon to select REAL civil servents for INDIA……

  45. Bhanu

    Hi guys,

    decision is not finalised yet , nd i don’t think tat if they would implement it in upcoming few years…

    it would take min 5 years to implement it …i hope so …dunno lets see wat nxt ??

  46. Niharika

    Aptitude test is not easy for art’s students. They should have lot of time for preparation . i think aptitude test should not be implemented.

  47. KK

    Aptitude test!!!!! its a very good idea………:)

  48. Hemant

    The real reform is needed in mains exam because equal difficulty level is not maintained among all optionals

    Becoz of this subjects like maths and psychology are suffering a lot..!!!

    As such in pre praportionate number of seats were alloted to all optionals, so how aptitude test will reform pre..?…only GOD and upsc knows..!!

    The moral test in pre is big joke in the history of UPSC

    By their logic our whole political system can be cleaned by applying it to all contesting elections. Its purely paranoid thinking

  49. Chandra sekhar


    I am 30 and belong to SC group, and giving my first attemp in 2010, but would like to come back to India(Presently in USA), quit job and then take it forward for 2011 onwards. If they change it suddenly, what should i do?

    Shouldn’t i quit my current job immediately?
    Bit worried now .. ….

    Let me know if someone have some more information about this ….

  50. Please give me modal syllabus copy to civil services 2011 as well as model paper pattern also

  51. Sharad

    Is there any reduction in the number of attempts in IAS by the recent reforms in upsc or IAS….???

  52. Mana Ram

    Will aptitude test come in 2011 as i m aspiring for 2011 ias..???

  53. Sajid

    I just want to one question from D P Agrawal that is any difficulty is facing the officers those selected before 2010 without maths or loss of ability to solve the problems of nation so why done these kind of changes in pre exam changes in aptitude test done these changes you are creating the problem of student those have art background and giving preffernce to commerse background student and hindrance the art background student

  54. it is very very unfair if they lower age and also the number of attempts,,, I think committee should go to rural areas and make they informed judgement… please think over,,,, equal opportunity is what we need today….

  55. I think aptitude test will help science background students….especially iitians …….and i am one of them….hoooooooo

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